Atashi™ Eisei anti-wrinkle serum 50ml

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Concentrated anti-wrinkle serum that restores your skin's radiance, relaxation and youth


Atashi | Atashi™ Eisei anti-wrinkle serum 50ml

The concentrated serum contains powerful active ingredients that help to intensify and complete the properties of the usual day and night treatments. Its use before the usual treatment helps to get the most out of the active ingredients and achieves a deeper treatment of skin problems.

Atashi® Eisei Anti-Wrinkle Serum Concentrate contains a combination of Sesatens, an exclusive ultra-sensor polymer of immediate effect, with Spilanthol 50, which tightens the muscles, helping to reduce wrinkles and expression marks.

Dermosens, a neurotransmitter-releasing active ingredient that provides relaxation and comfort to nerve endings, is a unique household ingredient that helps eliminate the signs of skin stress, formulated on water lily flower milk and pulverized pearl extract.

A complete product that helps to restore relaxation and youth to the skin!

Instructions for use

Use twice a week after moisturizer on the face. Daily use in deep wrinkles.


Pharmaceutical Advice

To delay skin photoaging, you need to know your exposome. As you know, your skin’s health depends on both internal and external factors, and the latter are encompassed by the exposome. Specifically, exposure to radiation and pollution, our daily habits, nutrition, stress and sleep. All these factors have a major impact on the health and quality of our skin.

To find an anti-aging product that suits your needs, you need to check if it has been designed to counteract some of these factors. The others are up to you, so remember to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, manage stress and get enough sleep so that your skin can rest too.


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