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Zur Rose Group is the leading European ePharmacy, with 2 Billion Euros in revenue and +12 Million active customers. We are the leading pharmacy ecommerces in our core markets operating under different brands (Docmorris, PromoFarma, Medpex, Eurapon, etc.), selling health, beauty and personal care products combining different set-ups (mail order pharmacies, marketplaces, etc.) as well as offering digital health services such as telemedicine under the Teleclinic brand.

The group is structured in 3 major segments: Europe, Switzerland, and Germany. We are the Europe segment which includes Spain, France, and Portugal.

With an innovative business model, our marketplace does not manage stock or warehouses, it integrates the catalogue of products, pricing, and stock levels of the most important and trusted off-line pharmacies in a single website, achieving a 24h delivery service for more than 200.000 products and 10.000 brands from more than 1.000 pharmacies and health stores.

Our business model and service have received several awards such as the prize for Best Webshop in Spain as well as the Best Mobile App from the E-Commerce Awards.