Agiva nail file curved nails/banana

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Agiva | Agiva nail file curved nails/banana

Here is an analysis of nail files, which you may have had at some point in your life, but with some more fun variations, such asAgiva nail file curved nails / banana, so you can not only have beautiful hands, but also to give a touch of shape and joy to your beauty tools.

All have a black or white base design, but while one is shaped like a banana, another has a regular file shape. With these files you will surely forget for a long time to buy another model, as they will last a long time, and all at very cheap prices.

These are made of fiberglass, a material that will keep your nails at bay, having a perfect complement that you can carry in any bag so that, if you see that you have a nail about to break, you can fix it before having major problems. They are a product that you can use both for hand care and if you want, also for feet, so if you do not want to share the same model for feet or hands, you can leave one for each having another spare file.

Instructions for use

For both toenails and fingernails;



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