First-Aid Kit

Basic products and accessories for a first aid kit

The first aid kit is a set of basic accessories to solve small emergencies quickly and safely, such as healing wounds, cuts and other discomforts caused by bites or blows. Normally, the first aid kit comes in a hard case or cloth and must contain all the necessary elements to be able to carry out small cures.

First aid kit

Among its main components, the kit should contain antiseptic and disinfectant products such as saline solution, alcohol or iodine, as well as healing materials that help stop bleeding, including sterile gauze, cotton, dressings, bandages and plaster, and of course it should also include disposable gloves, scissors and tweezers.

Compare first aid kits

To avoid contamination of the elements of the first aid kit, it is advisable to discard open or expired containers, clean and disinfect the first aid accessories used, such as scissors or tweezers, and replace and replace the products and materials used with new ones. It is advisable to keep your first aid kit neat and tidy, so that you can find everything you need in an emergency.

Basic first aid kit

It is essential to have a first aid kit at home, at work and in the car, in case we are going on a trip, as the emergency may appear anywhere. It should always be located in a safe place, but easily accessible and out of the reach of children, as it contains items that are dangerous to them

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