Hands and Nails

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When we talk about hygiene and beauty care, we always think of the body, face and even hair. However, on many occasions, we forget about other parts of the body such as the feet, hands or nails, which, despite fulfilling essential functions for the human being, are not given the importance they deserve in terms of beauty care and hygiene.

In fact, both hands and nails are constantly exposed to the action of external agents such as wind or cold, which contribute to weakening the nails and drying, dehydrating and leaving a rough touch on the hands. Hand and nail care is important to restore softness and hydration to the hands and to the nails to their strength so that they can look healthy again. In our catalogue you will find products and treatments for nail care and manicure, as well as cleaning and moisturizing products for your hands, choose the ones you like the most and give your hands and nails all their vitality back!

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