Eye drops


Artificial eye drops and tears can help maintain optimal eye hydration and perfect eye care, especially for people who wear contact lenses every day, as they can significantly increase dryness of the eyes. That is why there is a wide range of ophthalmological products, such as eye drops, artificial tears and other aqueous solutions that help to combat dry eyes, itching and redness of the eyes.

Artificial tears

Frequent use of contact lenses or contact lenses, in addition to dryness, can lead to eye irritation, which is often accompanied by itching, burning and redness. Red, dry eyes are symptoms that can be relieved with eye drops, artificial tears and other types of eye drops that also help maintain proper eye hygiene and hydration.

Red-eye eye drops

Eye drops and eye drops provide a moisturizing effect, moisturizing and relieving mild discomfort caused by dryness and dehydration of the eyes, some of which are also antiseptic, helping to prevent irritation due to external agents, such as dirt or environmental pollution.

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