Products for tired eyes

Tired Eye Spray

Eye fatigue or eyestrain is a very common discomfort nowadays, as it can be caused by many different factors, such as pollution, dryness of the environment, long exposure of our eyes to different screens, or many hours of work, among other things. Bad reading habits, for example, or lack of light, also influence us, forcing us to strain our eyes a lot.

Tired Eye Drops

Restore the feeling of well-being of your tired eyes thanks to our variety of products such as eye drops, eye drops or spray for tired eyes, which will help calm the symptoms of stress and eye fatigue. Refreshes, revitalizes and rehydrates the eye contour, eyelids and eye surface. Provides quick and long-lasting relief and freshness from mild eye fatigue. It has the same PH as natural tears, so it calms, cleanses and reconstructs tired eyes. It is recommended to consult a specialist for its use

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