Anti-sores products

Anti-Scar Products

Anti-scarring products are products specially designed to provide the best care for people with mobility problems or who have to spend a lot of time immobilised. With the antiscalar cushions you can avoid the formation of annoying skin bedsores by sitting for many hours.

Anti-skin heel cushions

The antiscale cushions are the most suitable for people who have to spend a lot of time sitting, they work in such a way that the air contained inside is distributed equally, maintaining the regular surface of the product for a correct posture. In this way, the patient can adopt different positions without suffering from bedsores due to immobility.

Anti-Scar Products

There are other orthopaedic antiscarring products, such as heel cushions, in this case, the antiscarring heel cushions serve to prevent bedsores in the areas of the ankles and heels. The heel pads are specifically indicated for people who need to be bedridden or immobilized for long periods of time.

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