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The herbal products are formulated naturally, from the active ingredients of multiple medicinal plants, such as aloe vera, artichoke, eucalyptus, ginseng and many others, and contain beneficial properties for the health of our body, which help us to relieve some mild disorders in a completely natural way.

Natural products are composed of the best plant ingredients, which provide multiple benefits for our body, helping us to maintain optimal health.

Thanks to the amount of natural elements and plants that exist in nature, you will find in our Herbalist's Shop different products of specific vegetable origin that can be used in cosmetics, dietetics or personal hygiene, and even for pharmacological purposes, to treat minor ailments in a natural way.

What can you find in PromoFarma's online herbalist shop?

In our section of HerbolariO you will find a wide variety of organic products, made only with organic ingredients from organic farming, which do not use pesticides or chemicals, such as silicone, perfumes, artificial parabens or substances derived from oil, which harm the environment, or affect the quality of the product.

With natural products or organic herbal products we can take care of our body, outside and inside, in a completely natural way, providing essential elements for our body and other ingredients rich in fatty acids that will help us to fight and prevent some ailments, while avoiding the use of chemical components used in cosmetics, preventing also not harming the environment with crops that do not respect nature.

Offers of the best brands in herbal products

In PromoFarma's online herbalist shop you will find incredible prices and great offers on natural products and herbal products from the main brands such as Yogi Tea, El Naturalista or Mundo Natural, among many others


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