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Medical Tests

Find the best offers and discounts in tests and analyses to evaluate your health, they will help you to analyze your body and know your health status. We have different female self-diagnostic tests available, such as pregnancy, fertility, ovulation and contraception tests, prevention and early diagnosis of pregnancy or detection of menopause. We also have male fertility tests to check the quantity and quality of a man's sperm, which calculate sperm concentration. It is always advisable to have a medical opinion on this type of problem.

Health test

Know the state of your health and that of your partner with our different self-assessment tests, will help you check and verify your health and fertility level, to help you maintain a healthy life without leaving home. You will be able to test and optimize your chances of becoming a parent with the help of these new reliable and safe diagnostic systems, with a proven accuracy of 97%. In no case will these tests replace the opinion of a specialist, so it is recommended to see your doctor if there is any problem or if you have any doubts about your health.

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