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Cervical collar

The cervical collar is an effective method of cervical immobilization to protect and treat the neck area after trauma or muscle contracture. With the collar it is also possible to prevent spinal injuries if any type of cervical or muscular ailment is detected, as it will help to keep the neck muscles immobilized and in a correct posture.

What types of cervical collars are there?

There are two main types of cervical collars, the soft collar and the rigid collar. The first one is made of soft foam but consistent enough to adopt the correct posture and relieve cervical pain, is indicated for light cervical injuries, such as neck sprains; and the rigid collar is made of hypoallergenic, harder and more resistant materials such as polyethylene, which completely impede neck mobility, to treat more serious cervical injuries, such as cervical trauma or cervical pain of muscular origin.

In any case, the cervical collars should be recommended by the specialist after an examination of the cervical area, and this will be the one who indicates the type of collar we should use and the time needed to treat the injury.

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