AKN Stop Babé Purifying Cleanser 200ml+ Matifying Moisturiser 50ml

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Pack for the care of oily skin and acne-prone


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BABÉ | AKN Stop Babé Purifying Cleanser 200ml+ Matifying Moisturiser 50ml

The faces with mixed or fat skins, tend to produce excess of tallow and grease, causing glare on the skin and feeling of oily face. Why some people think that your skin is sufficiently hydrated naturally.  This type of skin needs a cleaning and proper hydration.

The following products make up this pack:

- Record Stop AKN purifying cleaning 200ml:

It is a refreshing gel that manages to eliminate dirt and impurities from the skin of the face thanks to its cleaning agents. This top quality product is indicated for people with skin, oily, acne-prone. It helps to reduce Sebaceous production, eliminate grains and also controls the facial shine.

What are its benefits?

  • Aid to control excess fat.
  • Is skin matified.
  • Unblock the pores , preventing the possible emergence of acne.
  • Aid to stop acne bacteria.
  • Reduces inflammatory lesions.

Composed by cytobiol burdock (regulates sebum production and helps to reduce the inflammation of the skin) and salicylic acid (performs a light chemical peel helping to drag the dead cells, leaving the skin to breathe).

*Renewed Packaging. Gentle formula, do not irritate the skin.

-Babé matifying moisturizer 50ml:

Is a light emulsion, icaution for oily skin or with acne, that hydrates and purifies the skin, at the same time that regulates sebum production and avoids the appearance of imperfections. Its 4% NIACINAMIDE formula guarantees the antibiotic action against bacteria from acne, but without causing bacterial resistance.


  • Eliminates facial shines thanks to its matifying powder.
  • The skin becomes clear and matte.
  • Properties moisturizing, soothing and healing.
  • Seborregula fat production.

Instructions for use

Record Stop AKN purifying cleaning 200ml: Moisten the skin with cold water and apply the cleanser with a gentle massage until completely absorbed. Then rinse with water cold.
Babé matifying moisturizer 50ml: Apply daily, morning and night, gently massaging with circular movements until completely absorbed.


Babé Gel cleanser 200ml: CYTOBIOL IRIS 2% 0.20%, ZINC PCA 0.02% SALICYLIC ACID.
Babé matifying moisturizer 50ml: IRIS CYTOBIOL 5%, 4%, 2%, VITAMIN MATIFYING POWDER NIACINAMIDE AND 0.25% 0.20%, ZINC PCA 0.05% SALICYLIC ACID.


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