Arkorespira nasal dilator + 30 filters


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13,20 €

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Prevents snoring and dry mouth and throat during sleep

1 dilatador nasal + 30 filtros

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Arkopharma | Arkorespira nasal dilator + 30 filters

A prerequisite for a good night's rest is to breathe properly. On those nights when a cold or chronic illness plagues us with nasal congestion, it is helpful to seek relief from specific products, such as nasal dilators.

Arkorespira nasal dilator + 30 filters is a device that is placed in the nose and acts by facilitating the entry of air into the nostrils and thus improves breathing.

Arkorespira nasal dilator is a device that is indicated for the use of athletes, because thanks to the increase in inspired air the breathing rate is reduced significantly.

During the sleep process, Arkorespira nasal dilator prevents breathing through the mouth, thus avoiding almost completely the annoying sensation of dryness in the throat and eliminates most snoring.


A multi-purpose product that will improve your breathing!

Instructions for use

Place the dilator in your nose with gentle pressure. Change the filters every 24 hours. Store in original container after washing and make sure it is completely dry.


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