Avent baby monitor DECT 1ud

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Clear sound, temperature control, lullabies and night light. Ideal protection for babies.



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Philips Avent | Avent baby monitor DECT 1ud

One of the most important concerns of the parents is the control of them throughout the day. We can't be with them for 24 hours, and when we're not with them, we get nervous, what are they doing? Baby watchers are sound cameras specially prepared to help you control what your baby does at all times;

Avent DECT baby monitor is a baby monitor system that will provide you with an ideal connection so that you can control and listen to your baby from anywhere in your home, helping you to be calm and safe at all times;

Main characteristics of the SCD560/00 baby surveillance system:

  • 3 LED lights as sound signal, indicating the sound level in the nursery.
  • Crystal Clear Sound, clear, high-quality sound.
  • ECO Max system to reduce the energy used.
  • Intelligent ecological mode.
  • Night light and relaxing lullabies to soothe the child.
  • Range of 50 m indoors, outdoors up to 330m, varying according to environment and external factors.
  • Room temperature control in the baby's room.

Safety and protection for babies;



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