Be+ Two-phase eye and lip cleanser 150ml+150ml + 200ml cleaning foam gel

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Skin soft and without impurities

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Be+ | Be+ Two-phase eye and lip cleanser 150ml+150ml + 200ml cleaning foam gel

Looking for an ultra smooth makeup remover that will help you to get rid of the impurities in your skin? Would you like to wear a soft and silky face? Try this pack Be + products and see how you get the results you were expecting.

This pack of Be + contains:

-Be + two-phase eyes and lips 150ml: Treatment to will eliminate the traces of long-lasting makeup and water resistant thanks to its two phases (a watery and other oily).

This treatment is suitable for all skin types, since its ingredients have a high cutaneous tolerance. These assets include the bamboo oil, which will reinforce your skin barrier and help retain water in the skin.

* This pack contains two 150ml bottles each.

-Be + gel foam cleaner 200ml: It is a soft foam with moisturizing principles that allows to remove make-up and thoroughly cleaned all types of sensitive skin.

Thanks to the soft texture of the gel-espuma when in contact with water, it is very suitable for all skin types. Its main assets are the pro-vitamin B5 and glycerine, which provides softness and hydration to the most sensitive skins.

Skin soft, hydrated, and without impurities.

Instructions for use

-Be + two-phase eyes and lips: Apply with the help of a cotton on eyelids, eyelashes and lips to completely remove all traces of makeup. The eyes, should first apply the cotton 5 seconds on the closed eye, to facilitate the removal of make-up.

-Be + gel foam cleaner: Apply a product on the skin of the face and neck previously moistened Hazel.