Boho beveled brush 1 pc

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Cutting attachment beveled ideal for applying eye shadow

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BOHO | Boho beveled brush 1 pc

The bevel cutting brushes are ideal for those who enjoy applying your eye shadow precise, concrete and perfectly from the root of the eyelashes up to the eyelid.

Boho presents this practical beveled brush texture soft and delicate, suitable for precise and pinpoint application of eye shadow at the root of the eyelashes.

Also allows you to blend both eye-linier and your favorite eye shadow, resulting in the famous and precious "smoky" effect that you get a sexy look and seductive.

By a well made up and pretty look!

Instructions for use

Dip the brush in eye shadow and apply it over the eyelid, in the area of the root of eyelashes, by short and precise brushstrokes.

If you want to blur the shadow or eye-linesman, spread the base applied to the eyelid with long, upward strokes.




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