Caudalie Vinoource Cocoon Hydratant Wine Box

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Hydration for the most sensitive skins

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Caudalie | Caudalie Vinoource Cocoon Hydratant Wine Box

With age, the aggression from external agents or lack of hydration, our skin can experience a special sensitivity producing epidermal redness, itching or irritationproblems.

To fight them at all levels, Caudalie presents his chest of moisturizing treatment consisting of:

-Caudalie moisturizing sorbet 40ml vinosource cream: offers to your skin in the skin rehydration process support, helping soothe it and strengthen it. It acts as mantantial of hydration for sensitive skin, reviving the mechanisms of water balance of the skin and restoring its water reserves.

-Caudalie to gua Cleansing micellar 50ml: acts eliminating any remaining dirt and makeup of your skin. This clean water and removes make-up in a single gesture, without damaging the cutis of the most sensitive skins. Your face will be clear, soft and recover your comfort. In addition, thanks to the fact that does not use SOAP or parabens, will protect your skin during cleaning. Hypoallergenic cleaning that takes care of your face.

-Caudalie lip treatment 4.5 g: designed for those seeking anti-agingand nourishing lip treatment . The secret of its success lies in its formula containing a 99.5% of ingredients of natural origin.

It cares for and protects your skin with Caudalie effectively!




i already knew him and well

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very nice on the skin but it's still too early to turn out

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a good case

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