Compeed™ 5 uts invisible blisters


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Creates a second skin that helps heal and prevent blisters


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Compeed | Compeed™ 5 uts invisible blisters

It is important to protect your feet from chafing and other discomforts that prevent correct mobility;

Compeed invisible blisters take care of your feet from rubbing, using hydrocolloid technology that acts like a second skin thanks to a protective gel that helps to heal and prevent blisters.

Compeed Invisible Blisters has the following characteristics:

  • Instant relief from blister pain.
  • Protects against pressure and scratches.
  • Helps healing.
  • Water resistant, seals to prevent infection;
  • They are thin and transparent.
  • It stays in place without moving for several days.

Measurements: 4,2 x 6,8 cm.

They're almost invisible!

Instructions for use

1) Clean and dry the skin before use
2) Remove the top protective paper, avoiding touching the adhesive
3) Apply the dressing directly on the ampoule with care so that no folds are formed





It's practical.

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They are products that I have used before

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Good product

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Pharmaceutical AdvicePharmacy

For optimal adhesion, make sure the area where you have the ampoule is clean of cream and oil residue before applying Compeed® Invisible Blisters.

Diabetic patients should consult their doctor before using Compeed® dressings. Do not apply on infected wounds. Do not reuse to avoid infection. If the hen gets worse or does not heal, stop exercising and consult your doctor. Never cut a Compeed® dressing. Adhesive residues are easily removed with a little alcohol, taking into account the care instructions for each fabric.


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