E45 Lutsine Seboskin cream 40ml

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Combat adult seborrheic dermatitis


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Lutsine | E45 Lutsine Seboskin cream 40ml

Seborrheic dermatitis is a common, chronic, and annoying, cutaneous process that causes scaly yellowish on the scalp or face, although it can also affect other areas. This lifelong process can be controlled with proper and frequent use of specially formulated products for hair and skin.

E45 Lutsine Seboskin cream is a cream that combats adult seborrheic dermatitis. Contains extract of ruscus and sorbitol which provide an anti-inflammatory action and emollient.

Thanks to its active ingredients, it has a triple action:

  1. It promotes the Elimination of Cradle Cap.
  2. It helps to soothe and reduce diffuse redness.
  3. It helps to improve Seborrheic areas of the adult.

Suitable for infants, children and adults.

* Without perfume.

Combat dermatitis!

Instructions for use

Apply daily on the face or scalp, previously cleaned, infant, child or adult.


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