ESI Fermental Max 20 caps.


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9,99 €

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Symbiotic supplement (probiotic and prebiotic) to help balance the intestinal flora


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ESI | ESI Fermental Max 20 caps.

The intestinal flora can be altered for many reasons, such as age, unbalanced diets, alcohol, tobacco, stress... It is advisable to eat probiotic (yoghurt and fermented milks) and prebiotic (garlic, onion, artichoke) foods.

ESI Fermental Max is a supplement that helps to maintain the balance and optimal functioning of the intestinal bacterial flora, thus helping to prevent intestinal dysbacteriosis.

Its formula contains bacillus coagulans, B vitamins and aloe vera, with fruitoligosaccharides.

*Recommended for cases of constipation, colitis, antibiotic use, inadequate nutrition or diarrhea.

Take care of your intestinal flora!

Instructions for use

Take 1 capsule a day.


Bacillus coagulans (2 billion spores), fruitoligosaccharides (150 mg), aloe vera 200/1 (20 mg), vitamin b2 (1.4 mg), vitamin b6 (1.4 mg), vitamin b1 (1.1 mg), vitamin b12 (2.5 mcg).


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