Farmalastic modeling pantyhose (E-T) normal compression T-small beige 1 pc

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27,00 € 24,99 €
Only 2 units at this price


Varicose veins are swollen, dilated veins that rise up to the surface and become prominent. They can be purple or blue, crooked and have more or less volume. They are commonly found in the legs, and are usually the result of a collection of blood in specific areas of the veins;

The Pharmalastic Modeller Panty (E-T) is specifically designed to aid venous circulation and provide a modelling effect that conceals those extra pounds that affect the silhouette.

With a 140 DEN design, these tights offer normal compression on the legs, helping to prevent and combat the presence of venous and varicose vein problems. Together with its shaping effect, it will help you to wear a defined and ideal silhouette and has an adjustment with silicone bands, which helps the correct positioning and support on the legs, elegant and practical.

Shape your figure and help the circulation in your legs!

*The T-small has approximately a calf contour of 34-36 cm and an ankle contour of 22-23 cm.

*For reasons of hygiene, no exchanges or returns will be accepted for this product.


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Good quality, price. Stimulates the legs as well as improving circulation.

Anonymous A.


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