Green&beauty Makeup Sponge In Wedges

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Wedge-shaped make-up sponges

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Green&Beauty | Green&beauty Makeup Sponge In Wedges

Green&beauty Wedge Makeup Sponge is an oval shaped sponge used to apply makeup base to the face.

These sponges have a number of advantages;

  • It does not absorb too much product, unlike traditional rounded sponges.
  • Its shape, reminiscent of that of a wedge, makes it possible to work on both small and large areas.
  • Completely curved, it never leaves make-up lines or blemishes on the skin.
  • It can work with almost any type of make-up product, whether fluid, creamy or even compact.

Green&beauty Wedge Makeup Sponge is ideal for mixing products and achieving a unique finish on leather.


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