Kelo Cote Scar Reducer 6g

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Topical gel indicated for the treatment of scars


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Kelo-cote | Kelo Cote Scar Reducer 6g

When a wound heals it can heal abnormally. This is known as a keloid scar and should be treated properly.

Kelo Cote Scar Reducer is an effective transparent silicone gel indicated for the treatment and prevention of bulging scars, and thanks to its properties it helps to soften, flatten and reduce the scar, with a self-drying, flexible, gas permeable, water resistant and odorless property that improves the appearance of the scars preventing them from being abnormal.

Enriched with silicone dioxide and polysiloxane, it reduces redness and pigmentation. Creates a protective barrier against chemical, physical or microbial invasion of scars by helping to maintain hydration.

Suitable for children and people with sensitive skin.

*Recent or old scars, including hypertrophic and keloid scars, caused by surgical procedures, trauma, wounds and burns.

Finish the scars!

Instructions for use

Apply a thin coat to the area to be treated, allowing it to dry and apply once or twice a day to areas exposed to friction.



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