Lover'S Premium Gift Sefts Pink

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Sensuality and new experiences with this kit three in one


Lovers Premium | Lover'S Premium Gift Sefts Pink

This Lovers Premium product is a set of three products. It contains a pair of metal handcuffs with their keys, fabric mask and silky feathers. It is made for people looking to live and explore different sensual experiences with their partner.

The handcuffs have the exact length for a sensation of immobility without being uncomfortable or painful and the mask is pleasant to the touch. The bouquet of delicate feathers provides tingling stimulation, ideal for arousing primal, sensual and intimate sensations. The feathers can also be used to relax the body. All materials are of high quality to provide different and new experiences for a long time. In addition, you can choose the kit in black or pink, based on a mysterious or more romantic atmosphere.

Instructions for use

Use with your partner in sensual games that awaken every part of your body.



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