Melagyn Vaginal Probiotic 7 Vaginal Tablets

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MELAGYN | Melagyn Vaginal Probiotic 7 Vaginal Tablets

Melagyn Vaginal Probiotic 7 Vaginal Tablets is a treatment for intimate care that restores the vaginal flora, it is an adjuvant in the treatment of vaginal infections. It helps stabilize the physiological pH of the vagina, facilitating the restoration of the vaginal microbiota and helping to boost the body's natural defense mechanisms.

It is composed of strains of Lactobacillus plantarum, which has a high capacity of adhesion to the vaginal mucosa and facilitates the recovery of the flora.

Instructions for use

  • Apply a total of 7 tablets every other day.
  • In case of treatment with vaginal antifungal or antibiotic, start the application once it is finished.
  • If the symptoms persist, repeat the pattern the following month.


Pharmaceutical Advice

Probiotics are microorganisms that are part of our gut microbiota or beneficial bacteria population that inhabit our gut. A balanced microbiota contributes to better regulation of metabolic function, optimal nutrient absorption and intestinal permeability control. All of these processes are related to maintaining overall health.

Gut dysbiosis (microbiota imbalance) has been linked with an increased risk of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, certain types of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Taking certain probiotic strains, in standardised doses and in dietary supplement form, contributes to intestinal and/or vaginal microbiota maintenance. After taking certain medication, such as antibiotics, this type of supplementation provides significant benefits. It is also possible to take advantage of these benefits in other parts of the body (such as the vaginal, skin or scalp microbiota) by adding probiotic ingredients to body and facial cosmetics or to vaginal health products. In these examples, the addition of specific probiotics also helps to restore the balance externally (topically).

If you are considering the use of probiotics, consult a healthcare professional to find out which ones are right for you.


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