Naturvent Essential Food 200g


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Provides energy and vitality to your body


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Naturvent | Naturvent Essential Food 200g

Barley is a highly recommended cereal due to its numerous therapeutic and nutritional properties.

Naturvent Essential Food is a food supplement that provides energy and helps you stay healthy. Essential food is composed of pre-germinated barley to take advantage of all the nutrients of the grain of this cereal. Naturvent Essential Food consists of:

  • -Flaxseed that provides energy thanks to its richness in essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 and lignans.
  • -Quinoa, which is high in protein.
  • -Blueberries, apples and carrots not only contribute to the nutrients, but also provide a very pleasant taste.
  • -Curcuma that inhibits the degradation of essential fatty acids, with a high antioxidant power.
  • -Kelp and spirulina, with a large amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins.
  • -Barley, which makes it easier for our body to assimilate this food supplement.

Give your body a boost of vitality!

Instructions for use

Take 2 tablespoons a day diluted in water or juice.


Pre-Germinated Barley (Organic) 590 mg Apple (Organic) 150 mg Flaxseed (Organic) 140 mg Barley Grass (Organic) 40 mg Quinoa (Organic) 30 mg.Blueberry Fruit (Organic) 10 mg Carrot (Organic) 10 mg Turmeric (Organic) 10 mg Kelp (Organic) 10 mg Spirulina (Organic) 10 mg



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