Omefolic Omega 3-Q10-Vita.E 60 Pearls

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Helps improve heart health

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46,10 € 34,98 €
Only 12 units at this price


Dietary supplement made from Q10, Omega 3 and vitamins, which helps increase energy production in cells.

It helps prevent coronary heart disease and reduces the risk of additional problems in people who have suffered a heart attack and prevent blood pressure. The synergy with Omega 3 improves heart health, cooperating in the proper functioning of the heart.

It also helps prevent headaches and strengthen the immune system.

Instructions for use

Take 2 capsules a day.


Omega 3 (total) - 330 mg; of which: EPA - 170 mg; of which: DHA - 110 mg; Coenzyme Q10 - 100 mg; Vitamin E - 6 mg

Pharmaceutical Advice

Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of fat with positive effects on various aspects of health, that the human body do not produce naturally. Therefore, we must get this fat through our diet, and it can also be added in the form of a dietary supplement. Food sources of omega-3 are fish, seafood, seeds and algae.

Some of omega-3’s main benefits relate to our cardiovascular health. In supplements, they can contribute to the reduction of blood triglyceride and cholesterol levels, as well as reducing platelet clumping. Personalised advice on recommended dose and precautions are essential. They also help to maintain normal blood pressure levels. Omega-3 fatty acids are part of cell membranes, which is of particular importance for the nervous system.

The best known are EPA and DHA (seafood and fish source) and ALA (plant source). Depending on each one's contribution, they will have different benefits. Omega-3s have benefits for the eyes, heart and nervous system, as part of a healthy and balanced diet.



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