OrtoLacer Protabs 20comp

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Prevents infection by disinfecting and cleaning orthodontic appliances



Orthodontic appliances can become dirty and contaminated with different bacteria or viruses. This problem can generate serious dangers such as the appearance of local infections (gingivitis, stomatitis...) or infections at the lung or gastrointestinal level.

OrtoLacer Protabs cleans and disinfects orthodontic appliances. It does this through a triple cleaning action:

  • Gingival protection:strengthens the gum against the aggression of dental plaque.
  • Remineralization of tooth enamel:reduces plaque formation and reduces inflammation of the gingival tissues (prevents the onset of infections).
  • Antimicrobial efficacy:eliminates the microorganisms that are generated in orthodontic appliances (bacteria, viruses, etc.).

Prevents oral alterations inherent to orthodontic treatment.

Instructions for use

Use with hot water. Before using the product, brush, wash and rinse the orthodontics. Immerse the orthodontics in a glass of water (approx. 150ml) at a temperature of 30-35ºC. Add one tablet. Use only one upper partial or partial orthodontic appliance or one lower partial orthodontic appliance per tablet.



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