PhysioVen biogel 100ml

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Relieves the heaviness of the legs thanks to the rusco, the horse chestnut, the sparkle and the red vine


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Aboca | PhysioVen biogel 100ml

The feeling of tired legs is frequent from middle age onwards, and is a consequence of the excess of effort that our legs endure in our daily lives. Working standing up, stress, sedentary lifestyles... are some of the factors that can aggravate these discomforts.

FisioVen is a toning biogel for legs that has been obtained from pure essential oils and vegetable extracts. Its formula is based on freeze-dried extract of rust and horse chestnut, as well as hydroalcoholic extracts of red wine and Asian centella, which help to give tone and elasticity to the skin of tired legs.

This FisioVen biogel also includes a red seaweed known as Irish moss, which has a completely natural gelling action. This avoids the use of conventional petroleum-based gelling agents.

*Formula without dyes, parabens, preservatives or perfumes.

It also contains mint extract for a refreshing effect!

Instructions for use

Apply the gel directly to the skin with a gentle massage. It is recommended to apply the product twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, after washing the skin with fresh water.


Lyophilized extracts of: rusk root 0.7%, horse chestnut fruits 0.5%, hydroalcoholic extracts of: Centella asiatica leaves 5%, red vine leaves 2%, aqueous solution of marshmallow root mucilage 68.75%, peppermint essential oil 1%.



very good for varicose veins. I already knew him

Mar C.

It's a very good product, the recomanum


Goes very well for heavy legs and tingling


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