Radiante Thigh-high Microvoile 2 Basfix Black Size M3- 1ut

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Relieve the pain in your legs


The Radiante sock is a garment suitable for all people who have problems with heavy legs and varicose veins. It is responsible for applying pressure from the ankle to the upper part of the leg where the support band ends. It promotes blood circulation. Its band avoids the tourniquet effect while maximizing support. These stockings are recommended in processes of varicose veins surgery, in pregnancy and postpartum or in painful processes due to varicose veins problems. It is also recommended in case you need to stand upright for a long period of time. This product must be prescribed by a doctor. Not suitable for all people who do not have any of the problems mentioned above as they can cause other health problems both at skin level by ulcers and arterial level.

Instructions for use

Choose size and fit as directed. Follow medical prescription


Polyamide (including soft microfibre), elastane



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