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The chewable tablet to regulate your cholesterol

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Arkopharma | Rebakol forte 60comp

It is very important to maintain a healthy cholesterol level, hence the importance of phytosterols, the plant sterols that are part of the plant cell membrane and block the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine. These substances are found in soybeans and sunflower oil, among other foods. However, the levels present are not sufficient to have an effect on high cholesterol levels.

Rebakol Forte is a dietary supplement based on phytosterols and helps to regulate and maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels. The daily consumption of plant sterols helps to fight against high cholesterol levels in the body by different mechanisms, such as inhibiting intestinal cholesterol absorption, as they compete with it for absorption.

Among other actions, they inhibit the activity of the enzyme acyclovir and stimulate the flow of cholesterol from the cells to the intestinal lumen to help remove excess cholesterol from the body.

Due to the properties of plant sterols and their mode of action against cholesterol, incorporated into diets, they have a positive influence on cholesterol regulation.

Instructions for use

To maintain normal blood cholesterol levels: 1 chewable tablet after each main meal;

To reduce blood cholesterol levels: 2 chewable tablets after each main meal.


Each chewable tablet contains 400 mg of natural phytosterols and 10 mg of policosanols.



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