Respisaline nasal decongestant 75ml


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Hypertonic solution for decongesting the nasal passages


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Respisaline | Respisaline nasal decongestant 75ml

Do you suffer from nasal congestion either from a period of allergy or from a cold or flu-like process? Do you need a product that will naturally and delicately end this annoying sensation and allow you to breathe normally and fluidly? Watch it, then, because this interests you:

Respisaline nasal decongestant is a hypertonic solution made from diluted seawater, 100% natural and rich in trace elements, through the application of which you can free your nostrils from that annoying congestion that does not allow you to breathe calmly;

With its application, your nostrils will be clean and free of any kind of obstruction from excess fluids and mucous membranes. They will also be cleaned of bacteria, viruses and traces of these same fluids and mucous membranes.

Through the nasal passages clean and free of nasal congestion!

Instructions for use

  1. Tilt the bottle to the side; press the nozzle once firmly for at least one second.
  2. Repeat this operation until the first spray is obtained.
  3. Insert the mouthpiece into the baby's nasal cavity; turn and lift the baby's head slightly to one side so that the solution can come out. Press down on the nozzle.
  4. Turn the baby's head to the other side and repeat at the other nostril.
  5. Wait a few seconds before wiping the solution and mucus with a tissue or blowing your nose.




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