Segle Clinical Protective mask for sensitive skin 2 uts chocolate

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Facial treatment to decongest the skin and look less tired look


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Segle Clinical | Segle Clinical Protective mask for sensitive skin 2 uts chocolate

What are facial masks? There is nothing better for the maintenance of the skin of the face as a mask. Decreases the aspects of fatigue and provides greater softness and beauty to your skin than a conventional cosmetic.

Segle Clinical protective chocolate for sensitive skin mask improves circulation blood and calm the skin's appearance. Treatment with antioxidant properties to decongest skin anti-ageing and look look less tired and soft.

Enriched with alpha bisabodol, calendula and bilberry. You can use as a decongestant after sun exposure or an adjunct of other beauty treatments such as peelings, ligtngs, or post-grape.

Suitable for sensitive or skin prone to reddening caused by external agents.

You see as your skin thanks you for it!

Instructions for use

Recommended minimum treatment: 2 applications per week for a month. Apply the product on the clean skin once a day and leave on for 15-20 minutes. To here, remove the excess water.


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