Stop Akn Bibé Astringent Toner 250ml + Drying Gel 8ml

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Oily or combination skin care with a tendency to acne


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BABÉ | Stop Akn Bibé Astringent Toner 250ml + Drying Gel 8ml

People with oily or mixed faces tend to suffer from the accumulation of sebum and shine on their foreheads and cheeks, and the appearance of pimples and pimples. For this reason, it is essential to improve skin hygiene, preventing the accumulation of dust, make-up and other substances from clogging the skin's pores;

The pack contains the following products;

-Stop Akn Babé Astringent Toner 250ml:

It acts on the skin of the face, improving the cleanliness and skin hygiene of oily, mixed and/or acne-prone skins. With a clean face you will avoid the formation of pimples and pimples, this tonic helps to close the pores, thus helping to achieve a matte and soft effect on the skin, controlling the shine and oiliness of the skin. In addition, it fights and prevents imperfections as it has sebum regulating properties. At the same time, it helps to control bacterial growth, preventing infection of the pores caused by acne.

-BabéDrying Gel 8ml:

It is a treatment that promotes the reduction and healing of inflammatory skin lesions. A fast and localized action that dries directly on the imperfection of the skin, accelerating its disappearance;


  • Imperfections dry up quickly.
  • Promotes healing of the lesions.
  • Transparent finish allows you to use it several times a day.
  • Fights acne bacteria.

*Transparent gel texture, suitable for all skin types with inflammatory lesions.

Strengthen your skin hygiene and improve the well-being of your face with Babé!

Instructions for use

Stop Akn Babé Astringent Toner 250ml: Apply gently to the skin of the face, with the help of a cotton pad;

Bibé Drying Gel 8ml: apply directly 2 or 3 times a day on the imperfection to be treated and let it dry for a few moments.


Stop Akn Babé Astringent Toner 250ml:aqua, alcohol denat, propylene glycol, glycerin, polysorbate 20, peg/ppg 18 domethicone, parfum (fragance), arctium majus root extract, zinc pca, salicylic acid, hamamelis virginiana (with hazel), leaf extract, biotin.

Bibé Drying Gel 8ml: CYTOBIOL IRIS 5%, JOJOBA ACTIVE 0.60%, SALICYLICY ACID 0.50%, BISABOLOL 0.20%, ZINC PCA 0.05%.




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