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Sucrysan | Sucrysan yarrow 100comp

Coeliacs and diabetics need to take great care of their diet, especially when it comes to sweeteners. Sucrysan Aquilea 100 tablets is a natural sweetener that can be ingested by people with celiac disease who are allergic to eggs but not milk;

It is a product that does not contain artificial sweeteners or gluten. It allows you to sweeten your drinks and at the same time help you in the metabolization of fat that you may ingest;

This food supplement allows you to sweeten your drinks by helping your body to have 0 calories.

It can be ingested by diabetics and coeliacs, since its functions include helping people who want to combat the accumulation of lipids and thus, continue to care for the line.

Due to its zero caloric intake, it can be consumed in both hyperprotein and hypocaloric diets.

If you want to contribute even more to reducing those extra sizes, sweeten your drinks with Sucrysan Aquilea 100 Tablets from now on.

Instructions for use

Enter 1 or 2 tablets depending on taste.


L-leucine, anti-caking agents (E-4 0 and E-468) and dextrose.


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