Super powder dental prosthesis adhesive 100g

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Set your dentures, expected discomfort and damage by sliding



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Corega | Super powder dental prosthesis adhesive 100g

It is very important to have good oral hygiene because if you don't take care of your teeth and your gums, you can suffer different types of diseases related to the mouth. Oral hygiene must be present throughout our lives, even when we use dentures.

Super adhesive powder corega dental prosthesis is a suitable product to fix the dentures. Its fine texture allows the precise amount and a uniform distribution on the denture, facilitating its use. Sealant effect, it will help you to prevent problems related to food held between the gum and the prosthesis, as well as to prevent slipping and sores caused by the same.

Used daily corega Super adhesive powder denture in your mouth, and retrieve your security to speak, eat or laugh. Sets your smile!

Instructions for use

Apply Super corega powder adhesive denture dentures clean and dry surfaces. Adjusted to the mouth and bite for a few seconds to fix it.



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