Trofolastin Elasticity Scar Reducer 5 x 7.5cm 5 u.

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Effectively reduces scars on your skin and protects it from photo-aging


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Trofolastin | Trofolastin Elasticity Scar Reducer 5 x 7.5cm 5 u.

Dermatology aims to present increasingly specific products for the reduction of scars, whether recent or old, caused by burns, surgical operations or wounds.

And thus Trofolastin® Elasticity Scar Reducer was created. It will help to achieve results which will begin to be visible after 8-10 weeks of treatment, although depending on the brand and the length of time it are left on the skin, it may require more treatment time to achieve satisfactory results.

In addition, these dressings can also protect the scars from the sun's rays, thus protecting the skin from photo-ageing.

*Available in different sizes. These have a size of 5 x 7,5cm.

Instructions for use

How to use Trofolastin Elasticity Scar Reducer

Apply a patch on the scar. It takes at least 10 weeks of treatment to obtain results. If there is redness, pain or irritation, discontinue the use of the dressing. Do not use third degree burns. Do not use on open wounds.



Nice to meet you. My daughter uses it for an operating scar. It is the one that holds him more stuck, almost a week and the skin of the scar looks better, but it is for a prolonged use of time.

Ainhoa T.

I use it for my 18-month-old son, the strip sticks and does not leave even after baths and a toddler's daily activity. The scar is shrinking considerably.

Blanca S.

I already knew him

Marta V.

At the moment I can only talk about your adherence. Used on a burn and does not peel off, I even dived with him and without problem, remains in place. I can't talk about how it reduces the scar yet. But only as a sunscreen so that you do not pigment the area is very good.

Amanda F.

I still can't say anything about its effectiveness, but at least it is resistant and gives me very good sensations

Miriam G.

If I recommend it

Maria I.

It is still too early to value the product well. Although I'd like it to last longer stuck


I recommend it

Mercedes C.


Maaeia D.

It is the first time that we use it for scar a new one and an old one. compared with others, dermatix, or mepiform...these do not fall. They adhere very well to the skin. My two sons, who are battalions, have been wearing them for 5 days, and with showers, toilets etc...and they have not taken off. I won't know if they work for up to two months, but the adhesion is much better than other brands we've tried.

Yolanda S.

Really reduces scarring and does not peel off

Víctor P.

I will use it after treatment with Cicapost but surgeons recommend it

Guadalupe A.

Very good post operations

Inmaculada R.


Cristina A.


Vicente C.

I knew him and I know his efficacy.

Juan A.



Good quality.

Maria B.

Pharmaceutical AdvicePharmacy

If the scars are in a visible areas and they make you uncomfortable, you can conceal them by using a concealer and applying a foundation of your skin tone makeup on top.


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