Trofolastón™ perioareolar scar reducer 3 x 2 u.


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Reduces hypertrophic or periareolar keloid scars


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Trofolastin | Trofolastón™ perioareolar scar reducer 3 x 2 u.

Surgical procedures can leave marks on your skin. The scars are produced by an excess of collagen that is activated to cover the layer of skin that is missing and that leaves a whitish tone and differentiated from the rest. They are not a health problem but an aesthetic one.

Trofolastin®, which reduces perioareolar scars, is indicated for the reduction of hypertrophic scars, whether recent or old, or in the case of periareolar keloids.

This product is especially indicated for scars produced by breast augmentation through the periareolar route. It also protects scars from sun damage.

Trofolastín® reduces perioareolar scars and consists of two layers: an external surface with a microporous polyurethane membrane and an internal surface with an acrylic film that allows easy and comfortable attachment to the skin;

*Contains 3 blisters of 2 dressings die-cut in two pieces.

Instructions for use

1. Carefully clean and dry the scar area to facilitate the application of the dressing.

2. Open the envelope and separate the protective layers. Place the dressing with the central hole around the nipple, the dressing can be trimmed to fit the size of the scar.

3. It can be held in place on the surface of the skin 24 hours a day and can be removed for daily hygiene and reused for several days with the same dressing.


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