Turboslim Cronoactive Forte 45+ 56 tabs.


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32,57 €

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Slimming and reducing treatment for adult women going through menopause


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Forte Pharma | Turboslim Cronoactive Forte 45+ 56 tabs.

From the age of 45, losing weight becomes more difficult for women.... but not impossible! It is simply necessary to count on a specially designed help for the changes that take place in the female body from that age onwards.

The fat absorption inhibitor Turboslim Cronoactive Forte 45+ is especially designed for women aged 45 and over who are beginning to experience hormonal changes. These can cause, among other consequences, excess oil and/or loss of elasticity in the skin.

This treatment has two tablets of daily and nocturnal action:

  • The daytime tablets of this inhibitor facilitate fat combustion and help to stylize the figure thanks to guarana and Lipocim C.
  • The night tablets are an aid for shaping and firming the figure thanks to bioslysis (bamboo and black rice) and elastin and collagen fibres.

The formula for this treatment includes the following components:

  • Horsetail: promotes the elimination of retained liquids.
  • Pepper: helps stimulate fat metabolism.
  • Chromium: contributes to maintaining normal blood sugar balance.
  • Vitamin B8: contributes to the maintenance of skin health.
  • Vitamin B2: offers antioxidant properties that prevent oxidative stress on cells.

Contains 28 tablets by day and 28 tablets by night.

*Treatment format for 1 month.

An ally for your weight loss.

Instructions for use

Take 1 white tablet before breakfast and 1 pink tablet before dinner, always accompanied by a large glass of water.



Pretty good

Pilar M.

From the first day I notice results....

Emilia S.

It's still too early to see the effect

Maria E.

VERY good works by vetdad

María J.

I started 4 days ago with diet and light exercise, and the result is very good. To say that I have many kilos left over and I understand that at first it goes down faster, but I am without anxiety and less tired. Lighter legs... I'm energized. So far so good. 3 days 2,5 kg......

Macarena M.

Promises more than it offers

Begoña P.

i don't feel like I'm doing anything at all

Mª L.

i haven't finished it yet, but I have noticed the diuretic action

María G.

I don't have time to see results

Susanna M.

i still can't appreciate it, I haven't tried it much.

Rosa A.

Good results

Mª M.

I've only been taking it for a short time but I can see the results.


I just started using it, pending the outcome.

Rosana S.

I can't say if I liked it, since they sent me something else that I didn't ask for

Cristina A.

i've cancelled it

Montse F.

Yes very well

Teresa C.

At the moment it's only been a week and I've lost 1.5 kg.


All right, everything

Maite E.

it's going well

Montse F.

It gives very good results just have to be deprived a little but it goes great

Mª E.

Pharmaceutical AdvicePharmacy

To help you lose weight we recommend that you reduce the consumption of packaged products (creams, prepared dishes) as they contain large amounts of preservatives, salt and unwanted fats. Come and prepare the food yourself, because when you have to prepare it you will tend to choose easy products such as salad, a fruit, a healthy sandwich, cooking boiled and grilled dishes.


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