Urgo Verrugas Hands Feet 20ml


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22,98 €

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Simple, painless cryotherapy treatment of warts


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URGO | Urgo Verrugas Hands Feet 20ml

Warts are small, painless but uncomfortable growths on the skin caused by the papillomavirus. In most cases, warts are harmless, although they can cause pain or itching. They can also affect appearances.

Urgo Warts Hands facilitates the treatment and disappearance of warts in a fast, simple and painless way.

Urgo Warts Feet Hands helps you get rid of those annoying warts that can cause some itching and damage the image of your hands.

Discover cryotherapy!

Instructions for use

Place the wart upwards so that the applicator head can be positioned directly on the wart to be treated. Cover the wart completely, making sure the applicator is in contact with the skin. Press the bottle 3 times in a row to release 3 doses of product. Keep the applicator in contact with the wart to be treated for at least 10 seconds without removing it.

Once the application is finished, remove the applicator;


Dimethyl ether.



Works well

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