Uriage Roseliane make-up doré piel sensible 15ml

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Covers facial redness and imperfections



URIAGE | Uriage Roseliane make-up doré piel sensible 15ml

Sensitive skin suffers more intensely from attacks from external agents. On many occasions they experience hot or burning sensations, including a burning sensation. The skin is identified by its redness and tightness, showing a more worn appearance.

Uriage Roseliane make-up for sensitive skin is the solution that will help you calm your skin while covering the redness and blemishes on your face with a soft make-up. Its active principles based on red vine extract will keep your skin moisturized and free of imperfections.

*Doré tone.

Uriage Roseliane make-up for sensitive skin helps you achieve a radiant complexion all day long.

Instructions for use

Apply locally on redness or on the face as a whole.




Pharmaceutical Advice

Couperose is one of the skin’s first signs that can end up in the eventual development of rosacea. Rosacea is a chronic skin condition. Its main symptom, among others, is redness in the central part of the face (caused by small capillaries that dilate because of an alteration in the cutaneous barrier).

These conditions tend to be more frequent in sensitive and light skin and have several contributing factors. They appear as outbreaks or flare ups, but the discomfort may become more or less permanent. Signs and symptoms may include small red lines under the skin, acne-like bumps, inflammation, burning sensation or sudden flushing.

Slowing down the progression of this condition and preventing its evolution to more severe stages is very important. An appropriate, daily facial routine can help to keep the symptoms under control. All irritating substances should be avoided in skincare and diet (such as reducing alcohol and tobacco consumption and avoiding spicy ingredients in food). Always consult with an expert in dermocosmetics and visit a dermatologist once a year.


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