3M reusable earplugs 1 pair

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NEXCARE | 3M reusable earplugs 1 pair

There are many uses for earplugs, a staple product to have at home.

  • - Water can enter the ear while swimming or bathing, and if it enters your auditory canal and its tubes, it could become trapped and cause an uncomfortable and painful sensation. It can even cause an infection. That's why 3M Water Gum earplugs help reduce water entering the ear canal, preventing it from entering your ear while taking a bath or swimming.
  • - Faced with loud and annoying sounds from the street, festive neighbours who won't let you sleep, and moments of study in which you can't isolate yourself, we often need to reduce noise to the minimum. 3M water rubber earplugs act to isolate noise from the outside, a simple and economical solution that limits noise;

In addition, 3M water rubber earplugs are reusable, just clean them with soap and water. They have an inner air chamber, allowing a comfortable fit to the shape of your ear. In a few seconds you will feel protected and isolated;



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