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A-DERMA is a brand of dermocosmetic products specialized in the treatment and care of the most sensitive skin. This is a well-known brand whose dermocosmetic treatments and products are characterised by the fact that their formulation contains Avena Rhealba, a powerful active ingredient of natural origin that helps to soothe irritated and altered skin effectively and provides quality protection for the most fragile and delicate skin.

A-DERMA cares for sensitive skin

The A-DERMA brand divides its wide and complete care and treatment catalogue into different product lines that seek to provide effective, practical, innovative and high quality solutions. Exomega, Epitel A.H, Hydralba, Dermopan, Nutrialba, Dermalibour, Cytelium, Cuidados Originales, Sensifluid, Sensiphase AR, Rheacalm and Primalba, among others, are the product lines into which the A-DERMA catalogue is divided.

A-DERMA Exomega

A-DERMA Exomega is one of A-DERMA's best-known lines, offering a wide range of care products and creams for dry and atopic skin. The A-DERMA Exomega creams contribute to the hydration and well-being of atopic and dry skin in an effective way, providing softness and repairing the skin...

A-DERMA Sensiphase AR

A-DERMA Sensiphase AR is the line dedicated to the care of reactive and reddening skin. With A-DERMA Sensiphase AR you will relieve and bring well-being to reactive and reddening skin. Try A-DERMA Sensiphase AR creams now and fight skin irritation and redness.

A-DERMA Dermopan

A-DERMA Dermopan is a dermatological bread tablet especially indicated for sensitive, dry or irritated skin. A-DERMA Dermopan dermatological bread contains no soap, perfumes, alcohol or preservatives, respects the natural pH of your skin and maintains the balance of the hydrolipidic film, soothes and reshaves dry, sensitive or irritated skin with A-DERMA Dermopan!

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