Aposán non-woven sterile gauze 10cm x 10cm 20 count (2 u./packet)

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Cleans and protects small wounds or scars


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2,70 € 1,99 €
Only 1 unit at this price


The Aposan brand offers you sterile gauze to treat wounds and scars on your skin and sterile gauze with non-woven fabric from Aposan to keep the wound covered and fully protected;

Thanks to its characteristics, it is ideal for the treatment of wounds and scars, in small domestic or work accidents and in outpatients or hospitalized patients of local surgery when it is necessary to protect, absorb blood and exudates or apply densifectants.

*Size: 10cmx10cm

*Contains 20 units (2 units included in each envelope).

Cover your wound effectively and safely.

Instructions for use

Apply to clean, dry and disinfected skin.

Pharmaceutical Advice

Gauze is made of interwoven threads, used to heal and protect wounds or for compression. They are essential in any first-aid kit and their absorption capacity makes them useful for dressing wounds and absorbing exudates.

They are often used in with a disinfectant solution, such as medical alcohol or chlorhexidine. Those that have undergone a sterilisation process are free of microorganisms and come in sealed packaging (called "sterile gauze").

The two most commonly used types of gauze are cotton and non-woven. The former is made of 100% cotton filaments and the more thread, the greater the absorption capacity. On the other hand, non-woven gauze is made of viscose and polyester and does not contain bleaching agents or surfactants, perfect for sensitive areas of the skin. When handling sterile gauze, always use clean hands.




A gauze, like any other.

Anonymous A.

Comfortable gauze for coming packaged

Anonymous A.

It's soft

Anonymous A.

Quite acceptable quality, there are better but much more expensive ones.

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