AU LAIT products

Cleanse and care for your skin with the best soaps, shower gels and creamy Au Lait lotions

What is Au Lait?

Au Lait is a cosmetics brand belonging to the firm The Scottish Fine Soaps, committed to the environment since 1974, strives to minimize the environmental impact in the manufacture of its beauty products, which are made with the best ingredients, natural active ingredients and unique fragrances, in addition to not containing parabens and not be tested on animals.

What benefits do Au Lait products bring to our skin?

Among this great range of products you will find multiple options such as body soaps in tablets, creamy body lotions or moisturizing and super nutritious butters for the skin, bath milks to make the shower a relaxing and delicate experience that will help you recover the softness and smoothness of the skin.

Most of its products are enriched with natural ingredients that provide different properties to our skin, such as shea butter, cocoa oil, almond butter, milk proteins or vitamins C and E, which in addition to nourishing, softening and protecting the skin, relieve dryness, have pleasant aromas and fragrances that will make you feel really special.

Discover the beauty rituals of Au Lait and take care of your skin!