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Avène is a prestigious French company specialized in dermocosmetics, which has its own thermal station where they carry out dermatological treatments for the most sensitive and intolerant skins, both babies and children and adults, and whose water is the essential ingredient of all their products. Avène's thermal water is used to formulate all the treatments of this brand, which later helps the most sensitive skins to combat some skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, pruritus, psoriasis, eczema or excessive dryness of the skin.

What properties does the thermal water of Avène provide?

The Avène thermal water has an exclusive composition, with a great variety of trace elements and rich in natural silicates, calcium and magnesium that helps to restore the properties of the skin. It is a natural water with no added elements, low mineralization and bacteriologically pure adapted to the most sensitive skins. All Avène products are formulated with their own thermal water which, thanks to its high content of natural elements, is particularly effective in the care of sensitive, atopic, reactive and intolerant skin.

How to care for sensitive skin with Avène?

Avène has different ranges of products to cover all the needs of the skin, even the most sensitive ones, including bath gels, different facial cleansing products, such as micellar waters and make-up removers to gently and delicately cleanse the skin, as well as moisturising, soothing and repairing treatments that relieve the discomfort of reactive and intolerant skin, such as itching, redness and peeling.

What are the benefits for the skin of the different Avène ranges?

Avène Cleanance is the line indicated for the specific care of oily skins, offering a variety of cleansing products, micellar waters, moisturizing creams and mattifying lotions that help to restore the balance of oily skin, fighting excess sebum and reducing the appearance of pimples, blackheads and blackheads. Thanks to its active anti-acne ingredients, you will be able to combat imperfections and impurities on your face while moisturizing your skin.

Avène also offers other lines of skin care products, such as Cicalfate, which helps soothe the discomfort of irritated skin, or Avène Xeracalm, which deeply moisturizes the driest, most irritable and dry skin. Try the Cicalfate or Xeracalm ranges now and forget about the discomfort of sensitive skin.

You will also find a wide range of sunscreen products, with different photoprotection factors, medium, high and very high, for sensitive and intolerant skin that effectively protects against the sun's rays; and even make-up and corrective products from the Avène Couvrance range, which will help you conceal these small imperfections in the face, unifying the tone and leaving a natural finish.

Discover all Avène's ranges and treatments and choose your own!

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