Beter Palette eyes

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Facial makeup in neutral/warm colors palette

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BETER | Beter Palette eyes

Use a good makeup is essential for optimal results. But if you really want a good makeup face , you should choose the tones and colors that favor your face. Beter offers a palette of colors warm that can fit into your foot type.

Beter Palette eyes, cheeks and lips is a small and comfortable palette of neutral colors and warm, ideal for make up your face. Includes:

  • 3 shadows .
  • Eye liner .
  • Lips with color brightness .
  • Tanner.
  • Rouge.

All colors are soft, light and warm, ideal to make any type of skin. Your face will be perfectly made up and with natural look. In addition, the palette has integrated a mirror so you can see at any time and you can make up without errors or failures.

Get a natural and beautiful skin with Beter Palette!


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