Bie3 Digestive Children's 24 sachets

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Relieves gas and aerophagy in infants and young children

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6,20 € 5,89 €
Only 3 units at this price


Babies who often get gas can become a nightmare because they can't find a way to get rid of it and that makes them very upset;

Bie3 Digestive Infantil is a soluble infusion specially designed to relieve digestion in infants and young children. For its composition the heart of wild chamomile flowers and fennel have been needed;

Its excellent formula, based on these two natural plants, prevents and calms gases, aerophagy and flatulence

The active ingredients of chamomile and fennel help to calm down the typical discomfort of digestion in small children and also have a great calming effect that will help them to relax and fall asleep more quickly.

This natural product also serves as an expectorant in cases of cough associated with colds.

Relieve your baby's gas with Bie3 Digestive Infant!

Instructions for use

How to takeBie3 Digestive Children's 24 Envelopes?

Dissolve Bie3 Digestive in boiled water, hot or cold, or in bottle milk. No need to add sugar.

Recommended doses for babies or children:

  • -Up to 2 months: stick in 50ml of water.
  • -From 2 to 6 months: 1 stick in 100ml of water.
  • -From 6 to 12 months: 2 sticks in 100ml of water.
  • -More than 1 year: 4 sticks in 200ml of water.



Pharmaceutical Advice

Symptoms to identify your baby's cramps: Irritability, agitation, inconsolable crying (up to 3 hours) and abdominal pain. If these symptoms appear, you can help your child by showering him or her with warm water and giving the Bie3 Digestive Infant Infant Infusion.




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