biManán® Reducer Ultra 500ml

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Recover your silhouette by eliminating the liquids that are left in your body


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15,91 € 12,64 €
Only 2 units at this price


biManán® | biManán® Reducer Ultra 500ml

biManán®  Reducer Ultra is a nutritional supplement specially prepared to help us control the feeling of swelling in our body, improving our comfort and well-being, and helping us to recover our figure.

With a formula based on concentrated extracts of 8 plants and 2 fruit juices, it will favour the process of elimination and purification of liquids and fats, helping us to control our silhouette. In addition, it provides a satiating effect thanks to its content in Fucus.

The formula includes properties such as:

  • Diuretics: horsetail, sarsaparilla and nettle are medicinal plants that help stimulate the process of fluid elimination.
  • Purification of toxins: artichoke, boldo, dandelion, green anise, are plants that stimulate purification and digestion.
  • Satiated: Fucus brings a satiating sensation to your body, covering the sensation of an empty stomach.

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Instructions for use

How to use biManán® Reducer Ultra 

Dilute the contents of the cap with 1 litre of water and drink it throughout the day. Dosage for 10 days. Repeat in 10-day periods.


Plant extract, 35g (Smilax medica (sarsaparilla) 56.5%, Equisetum arvense L. (Horsetail) 22.6%, Fucus vesilculosus L. (fucus) 5.7%, Urtica dioica L. (Nettle) 5.7%, Pimpinella anisum (Anis verde) 3.5%, Cynara scolymus L. (Artichoke) 2.4%, Taraxacum officinale Web. (Dandelion) 1.84%, Peumus boldus Mol (Boldo) 1.8%), fructose, concentrated fruit juice (Cherry 2.38 g, Grapefruit 1.73g), Fructo-oligosaccharides 2.2 g. Contains 70% plant extract.


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Pharmaceutical Advice

Drinkable food supplement with diuretic, draining and satiating action. Indicated as an adjuvant in weight loss diets.





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