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Bioderma is a pioneer laboratory in the development of products for dermatological care, using biology and science as the basis for all its products. It offers innovative formulas inspired by the skin itself. His research is based on the study of healthy skin and its imbalances, thus obtaining a response to different skin alterations such as acne, dryness, redness or atopic skin, among others. Thanks to their natural ingredients, Bioderma products help to reactivate the skin's natural resources and restore its normal functioning.

In addition to providing innovative and respectful solutions for skin care, Bioderma also has a high regard for the environment, and its products imitate the natural biological mechanisms of the skin. To do this, it selects the purest active ingredients, molecules that are present in the skin.

How to care for oily and sensitive skin with Bioderma?

Sébium is Bioderma's care line for oily and acne-prone skin, which contributes to the health and well-being of the skin by fighting imperfections and correcting facial shine, while helping to regulate excess sebum. It is the new generation of antiimperfection treatments of Bioderma that is composed of different products such as facial cleansers, purifying gels, exfoliators, micellar waters, moisturizers and facial serums, which act effectively on oily skin by eliminating excess sebum, thanks to the patented Fluidactiv complex, present in all the products in this range.

The Sensibio product line has treatments specifically designed and formulated for the care of the most sensitive skin, rich in active ingredients and pleasant textures that respect the skin, deeply moisturizing it and keeping it healthy and young for longer. Among the products in this prestigious line is Sensibio H2O, a micellar water ideal for sensitive and delicate skin that cleanses and hydrates deeply while relieving skin irritation.

Discover Photoderm, the solar range of Bioderma:

Photoderm is Bioderma's solar range, one of its best-known and most successful lines. It offers the best UVA/UVB balance on the market and has an exclusive formula, Bioprotection Cellular, that protects the cells and DNA of the skin. You'll find a wide variety of sunscreens and self-tanning products in different formats, such as creams, sprays, sunscreens or compact make-up with protection, with innovative textures that provide optimum protection against the sun's rays.

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